Chairman's Message

> Chairman’s Message

Years ago the Kutchi students who opted for medical or engineering had to go out at different places for further studies. At that time there were no other facilities for higher education in Kutch. It was the dream of my forefather to set up such a technical institution in Kutch that could cater to the academic needs of the students in Kutch and all around. HJD Institution of Technical Education and Research is the fruit of their dreams, their blessings and their inspiration. I feel blessed that I became truly instrumental in making their dreams come true. It gives me immense pleasure to see so many students from the remotest areas of Gujarat studying here. My only intention in investing such a great amount of property is to change the prevalent saying that Self Financed Institutes are only money making machines. I desperately wish to change the system and to produce efficient technocrats who can prove themselves helpful in the contemporary social milieu by all means. I wish all the best to all my students for their bright future.

Dr. Jagdish Halai