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Electrical Engineering is one of the most prominent branches of Engineering since Beginning; the field of Electrical Engineering has grown and branched out into a number of specialized categories including power generation and Transmission system, Control system. It is the branch of Engineering that deals with technology of Electricity that works on a wide range of components, devices, from tiny microchips to huge power stations. An Electrical Engineer plays a very important role in Industry, power station and Substation. There is a lot of scope in Research and Development in this particular field. The Electrical team of “HJD Institute of Technical Education and Research-Kutch” promises to serve the best knowledge from the pool of their experiences and transform the new Engineers to compete in this “World of Power”.

programs offered

D.E. in Electrical Engineering

Duration: 3 Years | Fees: 37000/year |
Intake: 60

B.E. in Electrical Engineering

Duration: 4 Years | Fees: 60000/year |
Intake: 60

M.E. in Electrical Engineering

Duration: 2 Years | Fees: 103000/year | Intake: 12